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1850 Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh

Approx 1855 Since his childhood, Stevenson suffered from tuberculosis. He spent much of his youth bedridden. To amuse himself before he could read, he would compose stories.

1866 At the age of sixteen he produced a short historical tale

1867 he entered Edinburgh University to study engineering. He had planned to follow in his fathers footsteps. Instead, due to his poor health he studied law.

1871 published his first article in The Edinburgh University Magazine

1873 Published and article in The Portofolio

1875 he was called to the Scottish bar

01/01/1876 Stevens travelled Throughout the Continent and High Scottland looking for a climate more suited to his delicate health.

Approx 1878 While in France Stevenson met Fanny Vandegrift Osbourne, a married woman with two children, Belle and Lloyd.

1879 She returned to the United States to get a divorce and Stevenson followed her to California

1880 Stevenson married Frances Osbourne, an American divorcée ten years his senior.

1881 Stevenson gained first fame with the romantic adventure story Treasure Island, which appeared first serialized in Young Folks (1881-82)

1883 The Silverado Squatters

1883 Treasure Island, published as a novel

1884 He also conitinued to contributed to various periodicals, including The Cornhill Magazine and Longman`s Magazine, where his best-known article A Humble Remonstrance was published

1885 A Child`s Garden Of Verses (was devoted to Alison Cunningham, who was Stevenson`s nurse in his childhood)

1886 Kidnapped (the story of David Balfour, his distant ancestor)

1886 Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mister Hyde

1888 The Black Arrow (set in the era of the War of the Roses)

1889 Mster Of Ballantrae

Approx 1889 Stevenson lived with his family in the South Seas, where he had purchased an estate in Vailima, Samoa.

1889 With his stepson Lloyd Osbourne, Stevens wrote The Wrong Box

1893 stevens wife, Fanny, suffered a mental breakdown

1893 Island Nights` Entertainments (which contains his famous story The Beach of Falesá)

1894 The Ebb-Tide (which condemned the European colonial exploitation)

12/03/1894 Stevenson died of a brain haemorrhage on December 3, 1894, in Vailima




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